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Have you seen our Senior appreciation posts on Instagram the past few days?

The response they have all gotten has blown us away.  It is a known fact, that when people are opening their hearts to adopt, they often avoid “older dogs”. This is normally due to their fear of having to say goodbye too soon. We completely understand that. Everyone does. When you welcome anyone into your life (dog, human, hamster,etc.), you do so with the dread of ever having to be in a world where they do not exist. But being afraid of pain is not the reason to avoid joy.

Older dogs are calmer, more peaceful, and often require less work (obedience, exercise, and mental stimulation) than younger pups. But despite all of that, when you see an older dog up for adoption that is 6,7, or 12 years old, that’s how long they have had to experience the worst the world has to offer, and as a result, deserve to start the rest of their lives even sooner than the pup next to them. As we said though, that normally is not the case, and these dogs remain in foster care, and shelters for far longer than the rest.

As we mentioned, although when you adopt a senior, you may have to part ways sooner than you would like to, but that is not always the case. These days many dogs are living to 16+. This means if you were to adopt Alliteration (who is featured above), you could still have another 9, or more, years with her. When we say that seniors have so much more life to live we arent just talking about experiencing happiness and love, we truly mean they have YEARS left.

All of this to say, if you have been considering adopting, don’t disregard certain dogs purely because of their age. Take time to really see which dog best suits your lifestyle, and if it happens to be a senior, enjoy every amazing moment.

With love, the Redemption Paws team.