We are a foster-based, shelter-free rescue

Thank you for considering adoption!

We are looking for adoptive homes in the Toronto/GTA and surrounding area. This ranges as far north as Barrie and Collingwood, as far south as Hamilton, as far east as Gananoque, and as far west as London. If you’re on the border or have a concern, please contact us about your location. Why do we have a radius? Because adoptions and foster situations can fall through, and we always need to be in easy reach of our dogs and cats should they require assistance. It’s nothing personal – our reach can only go so far!

We do not adopt to homes with children under 12 years of age.

Adoption fee for dogs is $895 for dogs, $1233 for puppies, and $425 for cats. RP Alumni have a discounted adoption fee. All adoptive homes must have proof of home or apartment insurance and be willing to register their pet for pet insurance for a free 30-day-trial upon adoption.

A non-refundable application fee of $40.00 is required to proceed with the application process. The application fee shall be paid online as part of the adoption application form.  

OUR CURRENT RESPONSE TIME TO APPLICATIONS IS WITHIN ONE WEEK! Please apply when you are ready to bring a dog into your home within the next two weeks.

Only applications that are a suitable match to the dogs or cats currently in our care will be contacted for an interview.  Check your junk mail folders – our replies often end up there!


Use the second button if you have been previously approved to adopt, foster or volunteer.


 Thank you for considering adoption! We look for the most committed adopters who are willing to provide an awesome home for these amazing dogs.

Our rescue is proudly inclusive of LGBTQ2S and BIPOC.

Here is how our adoption procedure works:

 1. Apply on our site by filling out our adoption form, please make sure you are within our geographical adoption radius

2. If your application is a good match with our available dogs, you will be contacted for an interview and virtual home visit. OUR CURRENT RESPONSE TIME IS WITHIN ONE WEEK

3. Your Adoption Coordinator will discuss the best dog match for you.

4. A virtual meet and greet will be arranged between you and the dog/foster home. This is your chance to ask all the questions and confirm that you would be a good fit for each other.

5. If all goes well, your adoption coordinator will arrange the in-person meeting / Adoption Day! You will bring home your newest family member on the same day.


Once approved you must provide:

  • your own martingale collar or harness, metal tag with your dog’s name/your ID, a slip leash, a clip leash, and confirmation of a dog trainer you plan to use
  • the adoption fee of $895 for dogs, or $1233 (including HST) for puppies to be paid by e-transfer on the adoption day
  • proof of apartment or home insurance that covers liability
  • proof of pet insurance upon adoption
  • a signed copy of our adoption contract (sent online on the adoption day)

Adoption Policies

  • We adopt to the Toronto/GTA, and as far east as Kingston, north to Collingwood, west to London, and south to Hamilton.  We need to be within reach so should anytime in their life they need assistance, we will be there.
  • We do not adopt our dogs to homes with children under 12 years old. Many of our dogs come to us with no history, so we prefer to play it safe.
  • We do not adopt out to homes with 3 or more dogs, as we want our dogs to get the love and attention they deserve. Three dogs is also the dog ownership by-law limit in Toronto.
  • We do not adopt internationally or ship dogs.
  • We don’t believe that you need a yard to have a dog, we adopt out to people in condos, apartments, townhouses, and homes.
  • We do not adopt out to anyone under the age of 21 years of age
  • Adoption fees do not count as tax-deductible receipts because it is considered an exchange of goods by the CRA


Can I adopt outside of Toronto?

Yes! Our adoption radius extends beyond the GTA/Toronto. This means as far east as Kingston, as far north as Barrie and Collingwood, as far west as London and as far south as Hamilton. If you are outside of the Toronto area, we do expect that you travel to the Toronto area for the in person meeting and your adoption day.

I have kids, can I adopt?

We are able to adopt our dogs to homes with children OVER the age of 12 years, due to lack of history with our dogs.

I have cats, can I adopt a dog?

This is on a case-by-case basis – the short answer is yes, but it depends on what we know about the dogs. If they have been previously fostered with cats safely, then we have a better prediction of how the dog may act with your cat.

What vetting is included with the adoption fee?


All incoming dogs receive a physical exam, a 4DX test (to test for Heartworm and tick borne diseases), deworming, and flea/tick preventatives during the warm months, and heartworm preventatives for the duration they are in our care. Spay/neuter surgeries are also covered.

Some of our dogs need life-saving procedures such as surgeries, Heartworm treatment, or emergency procedure that far exceed the amount of the adoption fee. We rely on donations and sponsorship to help cover those costs.


All incoming cats receive a physical exam, are up to date on core vaccines (Rabies and FVRCP), have a Feline Triple Screen snap test done (to test for Heartworm, feline leukemia, and feline immunodeficiency virus), and are current for parasite preventatives for the duration they are in our care. Spay/neuter surgeries are also covered.

Some of our cats need life-saving procedures such as surgeries, Heartworm treatment, or emergency procedure that far exceed the amount of the adoption fee. We rely on donations and sponsorship to help cover those costs.


I have three dogs of my own, can I adopt another dog?

We will not adopt a dog to homes that already have three or more dogs. Four dogs would exceeds the by-law limit for most municipalities.


Why is there an application fee?

The cost and demand for everything from vetting, supplies and transportation has increased dramatically since the pandemic. Since implementing application fee in April 2021, we have been able to focus on the applications of people who are serious about adopting, while also dramatically reducing the wait time for processing the applications.

The additional funds collected has gone directly towards our transport and vetting related expenses.

The application fee is non-refundable.


What is the adoption fee?

The adoption fee for dogs is $895. For puppies  the adoption fee is $1233 (includes HST). The cat adoption fee is $425. Redemption Paws alumni have a discounted dog adoption fee of $765.

The adoption fee is not tax-receiptable as the CRA considers this an exchange of goods.

Some dogs may be a part of the Pay What You Can adoption fee program

I have my heart set on one dog and they are no longer available!?

Please still apply if you are open to be matched to similar dogs. Our adoption coordinators are experienced with assessing your lifestyle and experience level and can help match you with a dog who would be best suited to your household! We have hundreds of dogs, and now cats come through our rescue each year and each and every one of them is deserving of a forever home!

I live in a small home/condo/apartment, can I still adopt?

Absolutely!  So long as you are able to provide the time and exercise required for your foster dog.


Do I need a backyard to adopt a dog?

Not at all! We find that city dogs get plenty of walks. Walks are so important for not just exercise and potty breaks, but also for bonding. Many of our foster dogs are already accustomed to condo life!


What is the average time to adopt?

Your application to be reviewed WITHIN ONE WEEK of receipt. Once the interview process begins, you may end up with a new family member in as little as 10 days!

If you are not ready to welcome a pet right away, please wait to apply closer to that date.

Sometimes the adoption is delayed if the dog or cat is still waiting for vetting results. Your assigned adoption coordinator will keep you updated.

If you have any further questions please contact us directly.

We are foster-based, which means we do not have a physical shelter.

Please check if you are in our adoption radius before applying.

Due to the lack of history on our dogs, we can not place them in homes with children under 12 years of age.

We do not have a contact phone number as we are not a 9 to 5 shelter.

We reserve the right not to respond to applications that do not meet our adoption criteria.

We get a high volume of correspondences, please be patient!

Harassment or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Need to get in touch?


    Redemptions Paws is a federal Canadian registered charity. Charitable Registration Number: 795539311RR0001