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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Do you love helping dogs? Is administration your strength? Or would you rather be hands on? Shy with people? Or do you have the gift of gab? Check out the different areas you can help below!

Foster Department

The Foster Department is the heart of our operations! As a foster coordinator, you may specialize in any of the aspects below, depending on your availability, and abilities.

Reference checker
Speak to the references for new foster applicants. You would help make decisions on the suitability of applicants, and work with the foster manager and other volunteer coordinators. This position requires a computer, phone and internet connection, and a commitment of 2 hours per week.

Bio Coordinator
You would ensure web bios and web photos have been submitted for foster dogs after intakes. You would also monitor that behaviour updates are being filled out by the foster parents. You would also edit and prep the public facing dog bios for the website! This position requires a computer and internet connection, and approximately of 5-10 hours per week, with a heavier work load immediately after an intake.

Foster Move Coordinator
You would find and coordinate the placement when there is a request for a foster dog moves, temporary placement, and one-off owner surrenders. You would work closely with the foster manager and coaches. You would use the FETCH database and spreadsheets to organize the inventory of available fosters. This position requires a computer and internet connection, and a commitment of approximately of 10 hours per week.

Email volunteer@redemptionpaws.org to get started!

Foster Parent
You can be a foster parent and also a volunteer coordinator in any of our departments. In fact we LOVE it when our foster parents decide to get even more involved. Qualifying as a foster home is a separate application process from general volunteers. Please visit redemptionpaws.org/foster to start that process.

Vetting Department

Love admin but hate talking to people? If that’s your jam, then we could use you here! Talking on the phone is definitely NOT required!

As a vetting coordinator you would be part of a team of other vetting coordinators and are the first point of contact for our foster home volunteers. You would work under the supervision of the Vetting Manager, and would communicate with other departments and managers as needed. Training, email templates, and procedures are provided! This position requires 10 – 20 hours per week, depending on how many aspects you are involved in.

● Administrative work, using FETCH database, Google sheets, and Gmail.
● Answering emails from foster parents, monitoring for any changes in wellness, and flagging to the manager or other department managers where necessary
● Basic triaging and guidance on common ailments
● Working as a collaborative team to ensure the wellbeing of Redemption Paws’ dogs, and readying them for adoption

Adoption Department

Adoption Event Volunteers – Hang out with dogs, meet lots of people! You’ll be the first point of of in-person contact for people looking to meet their dream dog! Task include setting up and selling merchandise, greeting event attendees, collecting waivers and payments, working with other volunteers and fosters, petting all the dogs.

Email volunteer@redemptionpaws.org to get started



Supplies Coordinator

Supplies Coordinators

Supplies may seem like the least glamorous aspect of dog rescue, but that’s totally untrue! If organizing storage lockers while meeting all the foster dogs in your area sparks joy for you, then you’re the one for this job!

Supply coordinators are hands on with some admin, or can be fully admin/remote.

Supply Hub – We need folks with some spare storage at home and a porch to help distribute supplies to fosters. You’ll be supplied with an RP email address to deal with the the requests for supply pickup and drop offs from fosters. You set your preferred hours. You would either replenish supplies on your own from our storage locker, or be paired with a supply runner to help. Time commitment varies on the popularity of your location. Most hubs average about 3 pickup requests a week. You can choose to do no-contact, or meet all the dogs who come pick up food!

Supply Runner – Have a car but no storage space? Team up with a Supply Hub Volunteer(s) to make weekly runs from the Hub(s) to the locker in the Leaside area of Toronto.

Supply Admin – Help answer the supply inbox and coordinate between our managers, foster volunteers and external donors. This can be a fully remote position and done at any hour! Commitment of 2-10 hours per week depending on email volume. Busier leading up to intake dates.

Email volunteer@redemptionpaws.org if you can help with any of these positions!

Transport Drivers

Intake Transport Drivers – be part of an experienced team to make the life-saving journey bringing dogs and cats to safety! Each rescue mission is a full day commitment, requiring a valid Canadian passport, drivers license, and a car that can fit at least three crates. Prepare for delays. If you are comfortable driving a cargo van let us know! Gas reimbursed. Limited passenger seats available with each mission.

Local Transport Drivers – Dogs can’t drive themselves so we  need help transporting dogs from one foster home to another, to vet appointments, or to adoption events! Drives vary, they can be within Toronto, or go from city to city.

If any of these positions interest you please email transport@redemptionpaws.org


Volunteer with Redemption Paws!

We welcome diversity and celebrate the differences that make us all unique! We are proudly inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community, and BIPOC. Redemption Paws has a zero tolerance policy for harassment, discrimination, or bullying of any kind.

How old do I need to be to volunteer?

You need to be at least 18 years old to be able to consent and sign your own liability waivers. If you are younger, you must have a guardian available to be your direct supervisor.

Children must be 12 years of age or older to attend adoption events or to foster a dog.

I've applied but I haven't heard back!?

Thank you for your applying! Make sure you’ve also filled in your specific interests details and hours of availability. We will contact suitable applicants as the need in each department arises.

The application form is giving me an error message

If you have already applied as a volunteer or foster home, then your email exists in our system. Please proceed to the second button; “volunteer interests” and enter the same email you used to apply previously.

What jobs are available?

Please see the job description section on this page, and make sure you indicate your interests and abilities when applying.

I only want to foster dogs!

No problem! The foster application is specific to this specialized volunteer role, please go to redemptionpaws.org/foster to apply.

Do I need to live in Toronto to volunteer?

No! Many of our positions are remote, you would just need your own phone, computer and reliable internet connection! Some in-person volunteer opportunities do depend on your location, but our foster and adoption radius have expanded beyond Toronto – and so have the volunteer jobs!

I'm terrible with technology, can I still volunteer?

Yes! We have lots of hands-on jobs. If using technology is not your strength, then we would not recommend applying for a position in vetting or processing foster/adoption applications.

However we rely heavily on email, Facebook, and Slack to communicate internally. We also use WhatsApp for event-day communications.

We are foster-based, which means we do not have a physical shelter.

Please check if you are in our adoption radius before applying.

Due to the lack of history on our dogs, we can not place them in homes with children under 12 years of age.

We do not have a contact phone number as we are not a 9 to 5 shelter.

We reserve the right not to respond to applications that do not meet our adoption criteria.

We get a high volume of correspondences, please be patient!

Harassment or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

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