Foster FAQ

Can I foster outside of Toronto?

Our resources limit us to GTA/Toronto. This means as far east as Durham Region,  as far north as Barrie, and as far west as Kitchener/Waterloo. If you are outside of the Toronto area, we do expect that you have access to a car for for the purposes of vet visits and bringing your foster dog to a meet and greet.

I have kids, can I foster?

We do not foster out dogs to homes with children under 12 years old, due to lack of history with our dogs.

I have cats, can I foster?

This is on a case by case basis – the short answer is yes, but it depends on what we know about the incoming dogs. If they have been previously fostered with cats safely, then we have a better prediction of how the dog may act with your cat.

I have three dogs of my own, can I foster?

We will not foster out to homes that have three or more dogs, as the foster needs some one on one time, that you might not be able to give with four dogs in the home.

Are medical expenses covered?

All necessary medical expenses are covered by the rescue. All dogs receive deworming and flea/tick meds when they arrive in rescue. Heartworm preventative is given during warm months.

What if I get too attached to my foster?

We’ll be honest – fostering is a rewarding experience and you will get attached. Many people choose not to foster because they feel it’ll hurt their feelings to adopt the dog out. As a result, rescues are not able to help as many dogs and those dogs perish in shelters. You’re saving a life. Fostering a dog is a selfless act, and sure, it’s not for everyone, but to that one dog you foster, it means the world!

What else is covered by the rescue?

Some fosters opt to provide their own crate, food, bed and other items, while others request assistance. It’s dependent on the home but please ask your foster coordinator and explain what you would need in advance. We require at least 48 hours in order to accommodate requests!

I live in a small home/condo/apartment, can I still foster?

Absolutely. So long as you are able to provide the time and exercise required for your foster dog.

Do I need a backyard to foster a dog?

We prefer not, but if you have one it’s fine. Our dogs need to go for walks to bond with their foster home and get confident in their new home!

What is the average time of fostering?

With some special exceptions, we found that our dogs don’t stay in fosters longer than two to four weeks. This may vary depending on the time of year (I.e. Christmas is very slow for adoptions)

If you have any further questions please contact us directly.