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Our next intake is one many will find exciting as just about every single dog in it, is a little. However, there is more emotion than normal attached to this bunch.

All of our intakes have a mix of sadness and joy. Sadness for the traumas they have endured, and happiness that we can help provide them with a better life. However, with this intake, almost every dog coming has been removed from an intense hoarding situation. When you hear that a dog was taken from a hoarder, normally you imagine the dog having to live in filth, not having space to move freely, and just being stressed and overwhelmed. But it is so much more than that. When a dog is forced to live in this type of environment, the effects it has on their mental and physical health are VAST. It can range from obsessive and repetitive behaviors like spinning, licking, chewing, and pacing. All of which come about as a sort of coping mechanism for extreme stress. Interestingly some of these behaviors are also found in dogs saved from puppy mills. Physical ailments are even more unpredictable as we don’t know what has been done to them, what they have ingested, or just experienced that leads to them struggling now, or us discovering something once they have entered our care.

Because of the extreme stress that they have been under for a long period of time, we are expecting that this group will need more love, training, and medical attention than our normal intake groups, and because of this, we have created a fundraiser to raise money in advance. If we do not receive donations, the dogs will still get the care they need, but it will prevent us from saving more from the euthanasia that awaits them.

We do everything for the dogs. Every decision made is based on saving as many lives as possible. But we can’t do it alone.

We need you, but more importantly, the dogs need you.



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To donate to the fundraiser click the link:Redemption Paws Littlefest 2022 (
To apply to foster a little click the link:Foster – Redemption Paws