Monroe’s story


My dearest Miss Monro(e) (Aka MoMo),

I saw your picture on RP’s post about a large intake and a need for fosters. I knew we should be together. You were mine, and most importantly, I would be yours. I’ve had Dobe’s before, and in my application to be your *possibly* temporary introduction to a home that your kind is sensitive and thrives with stability, it was already an application to foster-to-adopt. Adopt if you choose me. If Pearl the pug and I were best for you.

They picked me!

I waited behind a shoppers drug mart for my name to be called to meet you with other amazing people excited to meet their fosters. You were called to be picked up very early on. In the line to collect you, we locked eyes. I think we both knew it was a done deal. You have me, and I have you. We got your bouncy and rightfully apprehensive butt in my teeny car, and we drove off. You spent the car ride with your head on my shoulder. We took a little walk where everything was way too new and far too scary, exciting, and overwhelming. You are teeny for a Dobe but spirited, curious and FAR stronger than you look (same girl, same). You gave me the most severe leash/friction burn I hope to ever experience in my life. You have also tried to tend to that wound every day since.

You met miss Pearl and have spent every day being deliciously sweet to her. You bring her toys, you give her your snack crumbs, you try and snuggle but are a klutz and land your caboose on her. You play rough because you are a puppy, but the slightest noise of discomfort to your play inciting antics from Pearl, turns you into a pancake. You wait for Pearl to return to you so you can give her kisses. You have learned to lay very still and wait for her to come and snuggle in with you.

You didn’t just land in my lap. SO many people were involved in getting you out of a shelter where your time was coming up. You were moved to a boarding place paid for by people who care that you stay alive, without ever meeting you, to wait for a long transport ride. All of this was done, not because they knew you and how sweet and smart you are, but because they value the idea of you and all those like you. They put their time, effort, network and resources in because you all deserve a chance beyond your shelter-mandated expiry date. You were cared for that entire time by so many people I would love to thank. I can tell you were loved the entire way because you mirror that love to everyone and everything you come in contact with.

We had a 24-hour check-in for new fosters, and then I hit submit on your adoption application to make the foster fiesta a true fiesta. I had our adoption interview with our coordinator Katrina within 48 hours. We mostly laughed at how hard it is to “know” a pupper and how, although during your cat testing, you came up not a fan, but in your ‘now life,’ you are indifferent. (Pigeons, on the other hand, you loathe entirely.) Kat was happy to see you at your vet appt and let us know that you were happy, polite and calm.

It’s not all rainbows and glitter, my sweetness. We had/have to learn A LOT. We have a running tally on ‘days without accidents in the house.’ Just today, we got reset to 0. But I, most certainly, do not care. In partnership with the entire team of RP, BP Athletics, Protection K9, Big Paws Raw, Dr. Paris & Kristina of Sunnybrook Holistic Vet, and our now shared friends and family, we have an entire support system to set us up and support us for success. Your eagerness to learn and resilience has made me cry the happiest of tears SO many times. The other day, you did zoomies through tunnels at BP Athletics because you are brave, goofy and a touch of a show off (Monroe was a perfect name, you love the applause and an audience). Shane knows precisely when to support, push and give us a break and that has resulted in a very confident MoMo navigating the world.

Most importantly, my sweet little pinhead, you are an exemplary ambassador for rescue puppers and your breed. You’re all natural baby!! Your floppy ears, long tail, and Disney Princess face make you irresistible to get to know. You win people over with your gentleness, and then I have the absolute delight (when asked) to tell them you are a Doberman. It’s *only* been a few weeks, and you have changed numerous people’s hearts and minds. Neighbors seek you out and cross the street to give you pets! Kids educate each other at the parks we go to that they need to ask to come close because “she is in school and learning manners,” but they love to see what you have learned so far and help me cheer you on. You have so many dog & people friends already and so many more to meet!!

RP told me what they could about you and cautioned me about what they didn’t. They matched us because they grilled me to ensure that (even if temporary) I was prepared and could provide you with what you needed to be the best you. I was honest. I know what I know and would be asking them heaps of questions and relying on my K9 support network for guidance when I didn’t.

You, Miss Monroe, are home!! We are grateful to everyone who brought us together and those supporting us on our journey.

Snacks & snuggles,

Your forever Thumbs