Foster dogs


Today we are doing something a little different. We are letting a recent foster take over to tell their story.

If you are unsure about whether fostering is for you, or just want to hear the experience of another, continue reading!

“I never wanted to foster.

Truly I didn’t think I would be able to do so, not because of the time requirements, or the energy needed when it comes to caring for another life, but because I always thought having to say goodbye would shatter me. I’m not yet at the place where I think I want to permanently welcome another dog into my life (It hasn’t even been a full year since I lost my last dog, and I don’t feel ready), and I never thought I’d be able to let a dog come into my life, with the intention of it leaving. But here I am.

On a casual Monday, I got a phone call from my daughter out of the blue. She asked me If she could come to my house for a few days with her dogs, and an extra. She explained to me this little dog needed a last-minute foster (as their current was no longer able to keep them due to last-minute schedule changes), and she had offered. I immediately told her no, “I’m not ready”. But as she continued to explain the situation, and told me that the dog would most likely only be with us a few days before finding her a permanent foster, I decided to agree, after all, she would be the one taking care of it.

A few hours after we hung up, she pulled into my driveway with her two dogs, and the other in tow. She explained to me the process she wanted us to set all the dogs up for success. She wanted all dogs to be separated by gates so that they could greet and interact at their own desire, she explained to me not to crowd the foster, try to touch if she wasn’t welcoming it, attempt to pick up, or just be overwhelming at all. Basically follow the foster’s lead.

I was expecting the worst, but I was shocked to discover how kind, loving, and innocent this dog was. We went inside, and once her dogs were settled upstairs, we headed down to give the little time to explore our basement. She curiously walked around and took time to sniff the area, but within minutes was attempting to crawl into my lap. And that’s when my life changed. I know it might sound crazy, but the way she looked at me, I swear she knew I was there to help her. As the hours went by she became more and more comfortable with me and my daughter and was giving us kisses before the night was over. Now I know this isn’t everyone’s experience, and I definitely didn’t think it would be mine especially since this little girl came from an abusive past, but the trust she showed me provided me with a sense of honor I had never before felt.

By the end of the night, I had made the decision that I would be this dog’s guardian until the perfect forever home had been secured for her.

Each day my love for her grew, and so did her comfortability. She started to play with the dogs and us, she would roll and run around in the grass, and even barked a few times.

By the end of the week, my entire family had fallen in love with her, and my son ended up adopting her. Even though she was going to be with my son, and I knew I could see her whenever I wanted, it still broke my heart to say goodbye. But I no longer feared that feeling, instead, I allowed it to teach me the power that fostering holds. The bond it creates.

I am so thankful for this opportunity, for my daughter kind of thrusting it upon me because it has fully changed my life. I am now 100% positive that I will foster again (mostly likely foster fiesta lol).

Thank you Redemption Paws. Thank you for saving her, for saving me, and bringing us together.”


If you are curious about fostering, click the link to apply: Foster | Redemption Paws | Help Change a Dog’s Life Forever

Applying does not mean you HAVE to foster, but it allows us to interview you, and get you into our system, while also allowing you to ask any questions you are curious about regarding the process!