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Wynnfred’s such a sweet girl with a lot of potential! Though shy at first, she is quite capable of building trust with you quickly and once that’s there, she is always by your side! Literally! She definitely has a playful side and she gets most excited when you’re bustling about in the kitchen, preparing her meal (or yours!). She has a knack for standing on both rear legs during this process. 
Her leash skills are good and she’s getting better everyday! She is still getting used to the hustle and bustle of the city but she’s got tons of energy if you’re up for exploring! She has been great at making friends with other dogs while she’s out and about. Wynnfred is doing great with her training and already responds to her name and can come when called! She’s very good in her crate and sleeps during the night without a peep. She is crated during the day while her fosters are away at work and she calmly waits for them to return. She’s working on her house training too and is progressing well.
She would be perfect in a family who is willing to show her tons of love and patience. She is loyal, smart, and a foodie at heart, a perfect fit for a Torontonian!