Wolfgang, in many ways, is a typical puppy. Silly, aloof, needing structure and schedule, boundaries, and someone to be patient with him in regards to his training! He knows some basic commands, he can sit and comes when he is called! As like with most Heelers, he is very eager to learn and please; so someone with some time and patience will be a lucky pet-parent! Wolfgang is now crate-trained and will walk in on his own!

He is working on hanging out with tall males, and it will take him some time to adjust, but he is growing in confidence and learn to trust but he will warm up quickly. He can be head-shy when someone reaches for him quickly, so good etiquette is important to him! He’s very affectionate with his people/person, sticks to your side and will make a great addition to an active family! Would be best in a home without cats as he likes to chase, but an active home is great! His foster-mom also would like everyone to know that he is an incredible cuddle and loves to just hang-out with his family; he’s a very loving guy!

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