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Winslow is a big friendly giant with the sweetest puppy dog eye!

He’s a curious boy who loves to sniff. He’s very observant, learning his environment through watching what you do, so don’t be surprised when figures out loop holes! He’s great with people and dogs. He prefers when strangers go at his own pace when first meeting him as new people approaching quickly can be a little spooky for this sweet soul. He’s very patient and calm with hyperactive dogs that get up in his face though. He loves his time outside so he would do great with a family that likes to go on outdoor adventures too. During his down time he loves to sniff around and see what you’re doing, but his most favourite thing to do is to settle down for a snooze! Winslow will need a patient, loving family that understand that he’ll need support as he transitions into the next phase of his life and settles into his forever home.  Whoever decides to adopt this ball of floof will be the luckiest of them all; he is the sweetest, most gentle dog that has so much love to share with the world.