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Will you welcome Wilma to your pack? Because if you do, there’s no turning back. She’ll love you for life. In case you’re on the fence about this beautiful Husky mix, this checklist offers a few keys details:

Humans. Love ’em all, big and small. Gimme pets, belly rubs and any love!

Sit, lay down and other commands. She’s got ’em, and loves to learn!

Dogs. Wilma’s great with others, though she likes proper introductions to the bigger ones. Y’know, in case they’re mean.

Accidents. Wilma only goes outside.

Barking. Some dogs love to harmonize with fire trucks. Wilma, on the other hand, rarely makes a noise.

Scary Halloween decorations. Hey, they’re meant to be spooky, right?

Are you ready for a new best friend? Because Wilma is.