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Why We’re Different

What makes Redemption Paws different from other rescues?

  •  we are the only rescue organization in Canada that specializes in helping dogs impacted by natural disasters and climate change
  •  we help ALL dogs, regardless of breed, age or gender; mutts are limited editions and we love them
  • no dogs are hopeless, we have a special affinity for dogs with medical and physical needs, with a particular adoration for dogs who have visual and hearing impairments
  • we support local businesses; our behavioural specialists, boarder and trainers are paid for their time to prepare our dogs for their lives
  • we do our own transports; we personally try to make the dogs trip as calm and pleasant as possible in temperature controlled vans 
  • all our dogs see a vet before leaving their destination and after arriving in Canada; we take no risks when it comes to health
  • when we’re not needed at a disaster site, we help local dogs here in Canada and keep helping dogs that have been displaced, regardless of where they are from