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Wells is a happy-go-lucky hound-mix who will likely never tire of belly rubs! He’s a sweet loving country boy who’s now well adjusted to all the action in downtown city life. Grab a leash and he’s ready to roll! Open the car door and he happily jumps in! Wanna jogging partner? He’d be down! Have another dog? He’d love a playmate! Also great with kids. His recall is impressive for a dog that had no basic commands. He’s learned “Sit” and training to wait nicely for meals. Crate trained. Potty training has been ongoing but hey – we all have something to work on?! Accidents are now minimal with attention to his cues & regular easy access to outside. (In fact on occasion he’s stood at the back door to indicate. Hooray!). If you’re looking for a lifelong adventure dog by day, snuggle bud by night- he’s your guy! Guarantee he’ll put a smile on your face