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Walter is the perfect gentleman! He is very polite and such a gracious guest. He hasn’t gotten into anything he shouldn’t and always asks to use the bathroom! He’s VERY appreciative of his roommates and is quick to show it with fluffy headbutts of love.

Walt likes to chill and take it easy in the house – you’ll usually find him window gazing or belly up on the couch having a snooze. Take this guy on a walk however and you can call him Benjamin Button! He is very excitable and loves chasing little critters to the end of his leash. We think he would do well with some leash training but is very responsive to our redirection and “leave it” commands.
Walter would be a great fit for a quiet family or an older couple. He is very gentle and sweet. Walter is good with our dog but we believe he would prefer to live with an older, more relaxed companion if any. All in all, he’s been an angel and we love having him in our family.