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Viva is smart, a very curious and inquisitive girl. She is learning how to walk well on a leash, has made some progress with pulling and walking in all directions. She’s still getting accustomed to the city and can be nervous on busier streets. She is great in her crate, haven’t had any issues during the day or night, it is definitely her safe place. Viva has had zero accidents in the house since day one, she has found her potty spot in the yard. She gets along well with our dog and has also met one of the other fosters who she did very well with. She has met the resident cat and stays out of his way. She is learning her commands, currently working on ‘sit’ and ‘off’ (she likes to jump and give hugs). Viva is also super quiet; she has yet to make a peep! She has made lots of progress since she’s come to Canada, we are all very proud of her!