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Vienna is extremely sweet. She’s pretty much only interested in getting your attention and is darn good at it too. Tapping your arm or giving you little kisses on your hand if she doesn’t feel like you’re giving her enough scratches, but also knows how to take the hint when you’ve had enough. She’ll be super easy to train as a little praise goes a long way. Although she’s not the most independent pooch she doesn’t seem to have any separation anxiety and settles in nicely when left alone.

She loves being outside but gets pretty cold if we are out for more than 45 minutes. She’s pretty low energy and is perfectly happy snuggling up on the couch and just chilling with me or the roommates. She’s great with her little dog foster brother, giving him his space while he decides if they are going to be friends or not. We’ve encountered a few dogs on our walks and all she wants to do is play. She’s also pretty good on the leash, no pulling, no leash reactivity… pretty much a perfect dog. Inside she’s still a little awkward, she’s clearly never lived inside but I can see her settling in quickly.