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Meet Velvet!
This girl is full of puppy energy and wants nothing more than to shower you with love 24/7. She happily follows you around the house, tail wagging, looking at you like there’s a steak in your back pocket, curiously waiting to see what you’ll do next. The first thing she did when she got home was take each of her toys out of her crate individually and played with them! She’s not vocal, only having barked at reflections in the full-length mirror a few times, and although she whines a bit when you put her in her crate, she settles down quickly and sleeps through the night! Velvet has not yet been tested in the crate for extended periods of time during the day. She is a beginner with regards to basic training but that doesn’t feel like a hurdle because she definitely has potential and nothing but love to give! Velvet is very young and still has some puppy behaviours like nibbling on arms and hands during playtime when she’s excited. She is very gentle and has good bite inhibition but will need someone patient who will work with her on this. She does not have accidents so long as she is taken out for potty breaks every few hours and needs someone to let her out to relieve herself if she is to be left at home for a regular work day. She walks pretty well on a leash, and gets a bit  nervous on busier streets, though she acclimates quickly. She’s great with people and dogs alike, but hasn’t been tested with cats. She is very cuddly and pushes her head into your armpit when she wants pets! Velvet will make an amazing companion for the person willing to invest in training and who has time to spend with her at home!