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I’m a decaf kinda gal with 2 sugars. Chill, low energy but sweet. Oh and don’t think that means I don’t love walks. I walk in ANY kind of weather and especially love the rain. Think of me as your personal trainer. I will get your steps in everyday! I walk AMAZING on the leash.. no pulling at all! In terms of my ideal home, well of course I’d like to be the only dog and get all the love I’ve been searching for, for myself. I’ve been hanging out at my foster mom’s office encountering tons of people a day…I don’t want to sound too braggy but everyone always comments on how sweet and calm I am! As soon as I hear that I raise my leg for a belly rub. Can’t miss that opportunity. I’m 7 years old and weigh 54 lbs. Vet said I’m in great shape and thinks that at one time I did have a loving home as I’m house trained and crate trained. Truth is, I don’t need the crate to sleep in at night, I’m happy on the floor or…your couch. I have a supermodel smile and always look fashionable in my bandana.

I have the sweetest brown eyes and so much love to give. I promise to be the best girl ever I just need a chance to win you over if I haven’t already!