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Twyla LOVES to snuggle. She can be a little timid when you first meet her but after a few days (and a few good meals) she starts to relax and you can see her sweet, gentle personality come through. I have only heard her bark once since I’ve had her! She doesn’t have very much experience walking on a leash so it can be a bit challenging trying to control her when she gets excited. She gets better every time we go outside though – practice makes perfect! I try to keep her on my right which has really improved the experience for both of us. She loves being in the car, sniffing all the new smells or just sleeping in the back seat.

Twyla is friendly with other people, with dogs and always comes back to me every few minutes to say hello. She has a lot of energy and you could tell how much she enjoyed playing with the other dogs of all sizes.

She loves chewing and nibbling. It would be wise to keep her occupied when she isn’t sleeping otherwise she finds slippers and sandals to nibble on. Twyla will require ongoing potty-training. She likes her crate as long as she can see me, otherwise, she will whimper for about 5 minutes before falling asleep. She wakes up around 7am every morning and will immediately go outside to pee/poop and then enjoys napping beside me until our afternoon walk to the park. She loves treats of any kind – I’ve been rewarding her with turkey jerky for medium dogs (small, soft chewy squares) when she goes pee outside and for sitting on command. I’ve been teaching her shake-a-paw with some success.

She is a velcro dog, follows her foster dad everywhere he goes whether it’s to the washroom, the kitchen or any other room. We visited a friend and she was a little shy at first but it didn’t take long before she was playing on the floor with her toy. She is very playful, she loves to cuddle when I’m relaxing on the sofa or while I’m sitting at my desk. I would describe her as cuddly/mellow at home and fun/playful at the park.

If we could recommend an ideal home for her, it would be a quiet low-key type of environment. I’m teaching her not to jump up, a habit she had since the day I picked her up. A single person or couple would be great, someone who can work from home would be even better. She has moderate separation anxiety and I feel like she will need someone around to boost her confidence. I would adopt her in a heartbeat if I didn’t travel for work. She is polite, listens very well and I think if someone can dedicate some time to train her she would be an amazing addition to any family.