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Quite possibly an actual angel in canine form, Turbo is honestly the sweetest pup with an incredible amount of love to give. He is a perfect walker, will walk beside you at all times. He loves all dogs and all people, and has shown a strong interest in Toronto pigeons! Turbo has not shown any signs of aggression whatsoever. He knows how to properly introduce himself to other dogs and understands personal space.

Turbo is a great combination of loving and polite. He is happy whether it’s on the sofa, in bed with you, or in his crate, but come dinner time, you may find some very focused puppy eyes staring at your plate of food; he’s very motivated by treats. This gentle love machine has got a great big heart-shaped nose and is a master giver of boops.

Turbo is medium energy and is fully house trained. He has been left alone in his crate for small durations of time (15-30 min) and has been perfectly fine. He can sleep through the night in his crate or on the bed- as long as he’s got something soft to lay on!