Tucker is a friendly and super sweet Beagle/Dalmatian mix that is about 2 years old. He loves the company of people and he will often take naps right beside or even on you! Tucker has been good on walks, he’s interested in new people and meeting other dogs.

It is so easy to be charmed by him since Tucker is well-behaved, house trained (no accidents), and was amazingly calm at his vet check up and during bath time. He is not fearful and seems accustomed to the city already since he is indifferent to loud noises (including car traffic, washing machine/apartment buzzer/vacuum). He knows hand signs for “sit”, but we are working on other basic commands. He also has a real funny way of playing with a ball where he doesn’t so much fetch it as he does jump all over it.

He isn’t fully comfortable in his crate yet but has taken naps in it when someone is nearby. We are working on crate training and building up his confidence/independence. Tucker is anxious when left alone so we’d recommend he go to a home that can help him overcome this.