Truffles is soo chill. So chill that she completely slept through the condo fire alarm for 10 mins. Not a care in the world. Had to double check whether she were alive, and she gladly returned me with a side-eye before going back to sleep

She did great on her first night with us. Not a peep in her crate overnight. She is treats-motivated, but hasn’t been eating much of her own food. She’s still shy around the condo, but goes straight for the couch after we return from walks.

She LOVES laps. If you’re sitting down, 10/10 times she will dive her face right into your lap and demand to be scratched. When you stop, she’ll raise her paws in protest. Quite the diva. 

We’ve been taking her out for walks every 4h, just to make sure she knows to potty outside. She’s not a fan of the ice, rain, or wet grass, and will only go on soft snow. She’s a great walker and doesn’t mind loud sounds (ie. firetrucks, motorcycles). She loves people and will wag her tail at everyone that passes by. She does get a bit hesitant around other dogs, so we’re still working on that to get her more comfortable.

She’s such a sweetheart and really loves her hoomans. Can’t wait till she comes out of her shell more. But hey if she wants to continue to be a couch potato, I’m coo wid dat too gurrlfrand.