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If Netflix and being cozy is your thing, then Truffles is your girl.

Truffles is a total cuddlebug. She’s a chill, easygoing, and gentle Shepherd mix. Her favourite thing in the world is curling up next to her people (or any people for that matter). Her past times include snoozing on the couch, spending time outside, lazing in the sun, and meeting new people on walks. Truffles is known for rolling over in search of belly rubs from strangers she meets on the sidewalk. She melts hearts everywhere she goes with her tiger stripe coat and sweet demeanour.

She’s a champion snoozer, and sleeps so well in her crate at night without a peep. She never barks.

Truffles isn’t too interested in other dogs, but doesn’t mind them as long as they give her space.

She’s house trained, has great manners, and loves car rides. Truffles won’t pull or jump when on a leash, but perks up when she sees the neighbourhood squirrels. She’s the perfect partner: always walking at your pace and following your lead. Her tail never stops wagging!

This low energy sweetheart is an old soul with a young heart. Truffles would be a wonderful addition to an easygoing family looking to bring the most perfect chill pup into their home.