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Trillian is a happy-go-lucky, playful girl who is a great balance of energetic and chill; she gets excited about her toys but she can also settle in for a good old-fashioned belly rub and nap! She loves chasing tennis balls and can keep herself occupied with her favourite chew toys. Her specialty is sleeping on her back in her crate! She is crate trained and has no issues sleeping in her crate overnight and while we are at work. She’s house trained too! She knows how to sit, make eye contact, and is learning her name and other commands. Her food motivation will make training a breeze! She was a little hesitant of stairs on the first day, but by day 2 she was bounding up them two at a time. On walks, Trillian is an explorer! We are working on her leash manners and are making great progress. She is interested in greeting other people and dogs during while out and about, she’s a very friendly girl! She has not been cat-tested yet. Overall, she is the perfect pup and she is going to bring so much love to her new family!
For more updates about Trillian, follow along her adventures on Instagram: to_fosterdoggos