Trey is a special dude, what can we say.

His story starts out as sad as it gets. His owner died and Trey was left without a backup plan. The landlord tried to beat him away with a broom! Someone took him in and after going unclaimed he made his way north to us!

Since he’s been here we’ve learned a lot about Trey. He’s funny, smart, and a total introvert. He has anxiety but not separation anxiety. He gets anxious around new people and dogs. Not mean just scared. He needs someone to work with him and not coddle him everytime he gets scared but instead redirect him to build confidence.
The past is behind Trey but this nervous boy needs someone who will not give up on him and continue training.
Again to be really specific about his needs:
– a quiet and mellow home; easy going is Trey’s pace
– someone who will do training with Trey and learn his quirks
– someone who knows that dogs take time to come out of their shells and get comfortable
– someone who knows that Trey needs empathy and not sympathy
– a really awesome home who will give him lots of love which he will return threefold!
– he is not a purse dog!