My name is TOPHER. The Myth. The Legend.

I am 13 lbs of snuggly, cuddly, chihuahua-heeler-gremlin, goodness.
I LOOOOOVE every single doggo I meet, snuggling my humans like it’s going out of style, chewin’ all the bones, and annoying my foster siblings by licking the inside of their mouths…err, did I mention snuggling my humans, because that’s the awesomest!!! I also sleep in my crate through the night and do all my business outside #humblebrag

Things I could do without? Stairs. I mean, gross, why walk down when I can be carried down by my human-serfs?? Also, walking in a straight line is soooo not my jam – the humans seem to think I will have that figured out pretty quick because I’m super smart…well, duh.

I am a true lover – of all the humans, every four-legged compadre I have encountered, golden era Spanish poetry, aaand licking my own butt.. I also don’t bark OR have prey drive. I would do ah-mah-zing in a home where the humans keep my exquisite company most of the day or with other doggos to play with….and lick the inside of their mouths.

Moral of this story? You should probably adopt me, I’m a huge deal.