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Tiki is the cutest little bean but don’t let her size fool you, she has a big personality! She’s extremely playful and loves to be cuddled and will make it known when she’s ready for it (which is always). She’s great with other dogs and people. Since Tiki is so small, we are working on getting her comfortable with her leash inside and have been slowly introducing her to the outside world as well. She is getting better with using her pee-pads but will still get excited from time to time and want to continue to play instead of going to her corner, so we’ve been reminding her where to go on occasion. Tiki also doesn’t chew furniture or shoes and seems perfectly content with chewing her toys!

The best thing about Tiki is her sneak-attack kisses. As soon as you look at her, she’s immediately on top of you giving you all the love in the world.