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Little Taquito loves you already and he hasn’t even met you yet!

He’ll have a moment of shyness with new people but is quick to warm up and shower you with kisses and cuddles, all while his tail is non-stop wagging! He adores other dogs and never misses a chance to make a new friend while out and about.

He’s working on his basics such as house training and leash training but is making good progress so far. He’s very food motivated so working with him will be a breeze! At only around 8 months old he still has an abundance of puppy energy and loves to run and play. After a long walk he settles into his bed and likes to keep an eye on you as you go about your day. He does well in his crate and sleeps the entire night without so much as peep.

Conquering new things is easy for this little fella with some encouragement and praise. He’s been adjusting so well to his new surroundings and will be an amazing addition to the family. He’s a sweetheart and chock full of personality!