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Meet Tangerine! She is a total sweetheart who loves pets and cuddles from every person that she meets. She is very friendly with bigger dogs, and figuring out how to play gently with the smaller pups.

She’s still getting used to life in the big city and is making great progress so far. In only a few days she’s totally conquered elevators! She’s fine with cars driving by too. She’s getting braver by the day with the other big city noises and in time,will conquer them too!

She’s still a puppy, so she’s got tons of energy and curiosity. She loves to sniff everything and has big bursts of energy followed by long periods of napping. We are working on house-training, leash-training and basic commands, but she’s treat-motivated, super smart and eager to learn.

She’s been a joy to have around, and will bring a lot of smiles to her forever family.