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Sugar is a sweet and sassy little lady; it doesn’t take long to be completely charmed by her floppy elf ears! It may take her a little while to open up, but once she does, she is loyal, trusting, and affectionate. Her signature pose is holding one front paw up under her (as if she’s holding a little handbag) while she contemplates where to go next. She loves to curl up in her human’s lap and is generous with giving kisses when she greets you!
Sugar can often be found peeking her little head around corners to see what her human is up to and is very respectful of boundaries. She prefers quieter environments and is definitely a homebody, as she has no problem resting in her crate during the day and doesn’t make a peep at bedtime.
She seems to be house-trained and prefers to do her business outdoors. This little Southern lady is still getting used to our Canadian climate so when the weather is a little chilly she needs a sweater so she feels comfortable to go outside and do her business.
Sugar feels safest when she’s carried, but is also an expert at walking on a leash once she is outside. She walks nicely, will stop whenever her human stops, and is gradually gaining confidence when navigating strangers on the street. Sugar earns her name for sure, she’s a total sweetheart who will definitely thrive with a kind and loving human who can support her and help her continue to build her confidence.