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Hey y’all! It’s Steveroni! After a summer of rehabbing I am in great shape! I AM READY TO FIND A HOME!⁣

Here’s what I need:⁣

♥️ A house not a condo or apartment. The vibrations of elevators and subways get me quite hecked and stress me out! ⁣

♥️ I bark when I get hecked. Get used to it. It’s one of my only ways of communicating, and I need someone to tell me when it’s not okay to go BORK BORK BORK! ⁣

♥️ I am blind and mostly deaf but it doesn’t mean I don’t want rules or boundaries! I listen through touch. I work with my pal mark @_thedogdude and through leashes and touch I learn real fast!⁣

♥️ I’m a cuddle bug! I will snuggle you SO HECKIN WELL! you don’t even know how tight my snuggle game is!⁣

♥️ I love long walks! I’m great on a leash!⁣

♥️ I will likely always have anxiety, being without two major senses has left me anxious. I am on medication for these which is common for dogs like me! ⁣

♥️ I need someone who is home a lot or has a daycare so I don’t have to be heckin alone! I don’t love crates so I’ll need to work on that too!⁣

Please don’t yell at redemption Paws If I’m too far away for you to adopt! Travel is tricky for me and they adopt in a pretty wide radius of southern Ontario. ⁣

Btw I like other dogs but I haven’t been around cats. I doubt I’d care about cats tho! I care about people most!⁣