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Stevie Nicks is the best girl anyone can ask for. So full of love and contentment. She is respectful of boundaries. She is really sweet and follows me around my apartment, wagging her tail. She is still a bit hesitant with humans but there are times where I hit the right spot with head scratches and she just opens right up for a belly scratch! Then she will use her head to nudge me if I stop.

I would say she’s low to medium energy; she’s a big fan of napping. Stevie is a really great walker and it seems to me someone has trained her as she consistently looks up at me during our walks. I live near a busy intersection and she gets quite startled by the downtown noise and commotion but I believe she will become better with the noisy streets as she settles in. She has met a couple dogs so far (on and off leash) and has been great.

She definitely needs someone to help her build trust and confidence. She is still acclimating to everyday life occurrences, such as hearing the vacuum and going in the car. Stevie is so gentle and loving; really just a typical Lab with all of her love to give.

She hasn’t been tested with cats yet and she has been a shy potty goer so far but it looks like she’s potty trained.