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Sterling is the sweetest boy you will ever meet – all he wants is to be loved!

He loves being around people and just wants to be part of the gang! Although he can be energetic, it is always at the appropriate time (walks and designated play time). Everyday Sterling grows more and more into the dog he was meant to be. He can still be a bit cautious, especially at loud noises, but reassure him and everything will be alright. A couple of head scratches and telling him he’s a good boy goes a long way for this fella.

Sterling loves to cuddle and relax which makes him the perfect movie buddy.Walks are one of his favourite parts of the day, because he gets to meet people and make new friends! He’s great on leash and listens well; he’s already a pro at “sit”! He loves people watching, belly rubs and chew toys. Sterling is the perfect gentleman and will do well living in a home with a cat or another dog.