Stella is a loving, affectionate, patient, intelligent and intuitive dog. She loves everyone she meets. Inside the house, she is calm, sensitive and just wants to be in the same room as family members (particularly females). She is so quiet; you don’t even know she is there. When she goes outside, she has lots of energy to run and play. She is learning to retrieve a ball and amuse herself by chasing a ball, or tossing a stuffed toy independently. When she goes on walks, Stella is eager to explore and loves the freedom of an extendable leash, but always looks behind to check where you are. Stella is desperate to interact with other dogs by sniffing, and at this time wants to chase cats and squirrels.

Stella has been adjusting to life in a family and communicating her needs e.g., when she is hungry when she needs to relieve herself. She is learning basic commands. Her sleeping habits have improved now that she has an open crate within a gated kitchen area. She is quiet all night and is very happy to see family in the morning.

Stella’s main need is human company. She is very relaxed when she knows someone is in the house, and is working on her crate training.

Stella’s ideal home would be:

An environment where family members are often present in the day with minimal long periods of being left alone.

An open crate policy, with freedom to move around some space in the house.
A fenced in, generous garden area that she can run in and play (genetics of this breed is that they need to run often).