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We sometimes wonder if Staunton was raised in some sort of zen centre or in a community of surfers on the West Coast, because he is so CHILL!

He’s a gentle soul that loves being loved. His energy is very grounded, Staunton is calm around other dogs who match his cool as a cucumber vibe. With some tasty treats as a little extra encouragement Staunton gets in his crate and sleeps through the night no problem. Gone during the day? That’s totally fine with Staunton too, he’ll get some shuteye while you’re away. He’s a joy to walk with, a little sniff here, a little sniff there is enough to make this sweet soul happy, he really enjoys just spending some extra one on one time with his favourite people! This boy’s fully house trained and is totally accustomed to city living. He’s opening up more and more everyday, if his those sweet eyes haven’t melted your heart then his doggo snores definitely will!