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This is Spanky aka Spanky McSwanky, when he grows up he wants to be a botanist. He loves to stop and smell the roses, grass, bushes and trees. He’s pretty good on his leash unless he sees a particularly interesting leaf that he has to check out, thoroughly.
He’s such a gentle pup and at only 8 months he has surprisingly good manners. He’s not sure what this play thing is all about yet but he likes to pet others dogs or even try to kiss them, some like it more than others and he backs off if they don’t like it.
He’s a big fan of treats and super smart so he’ll be a dream to train. His other favourite hobby seems to be sleeping – kids, bouncing basket balls, barking dogs and lots of people didn’t phase this guy and didn’t keep him awake when he was tired he stretched out in the sun and had a snooze!