Sophie is the sweetest, calmest pup you will ever meet! She LOVES belly rubs and hugs. She throws her whole body into it, and will lean on you in absolutely anyway she can.

Sophie is working on her confidence. She’s great on a leash, but sometimes is nervous of loud trucks or groups of people and will sit and stare at the offenders. She responds well to reassurance and comforting pets and soon will be back to her usual walking. She doesn’t pull, but loves to stop and sniff.

Sophie is learning commands, and does well with come, sit, and her name.

She is amazing in a crate and will sleep in one throughout the night without a peep. She doesn’t bark or whine – she’s seriously so well behaved!

Sophie does have a very high prey drive, and therefore cannot be adopted into a home cats or small pets. She enjoys the company of other dogs, but doesn’t require it.

Sophie loves to follow you from room to room, just to make sure she isn’t missing anything important. She’s happy to nap nearby while you’re watching TV or sleep on your feet while you’re cooking.

Sophie is house trained and will let you know when she has to go. However, when she moves into a new environment (i.e. new foster home) she does get overstimulated and may have an accident that first day she’s settling in.

Sophie’s grunts and snores are so endearing, she’ll have you wrapped around her little paw in no time!