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Solana is the sweetest girl, her eyes will just melt your heart, but her real superpower is how smart she is. You only have to ask her once or twice to do something (sit, up, come) and she listens. She loves other dogs and humans, and greets everyone with a smile and a tail wag. She also knows boundaries though, and gives space to the dogs or people who are not as enthusiastic about meeting her. She does well on leash, is house trained and crate trained too! When she’s put to bed she doesn’t make a single peep. She’s still getting used to all the big city sounds and does well with some encouragement and reassurance. She is a dream at the vet, allowing the doctor to examine her, trim her nails, and give shots without fussing. At home she is so quiet sometimes you may forget she is there, but she will remind you with kisses and hugs the next time you pass by.

Solana is just a happy go lucky pup that spreads positivity, love, and good vibes everywhere she goes. She is literally the dream dog.