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Sweet and bubbly Soda Pop is loving her life in Canada so far!

She’s a very easy going gal and is super friendly. She’d be an excellent dog for a first timer. She’s a little explorer and is very curious and adventurous about her new surroundings. She’s a smart gal and already has her basics down pat. Loose leash walking? House trained? Knows how to sit when asked? All those boxes are checked off for Soda Pop!

She loves to be a part of the action and be around her favourite people. She’s got some pep to her and is always up for a play session. She’s learning fetch and is showing great promise to be a professional fetcher! She makes regular visits to the toy box to pull out a new interesting toy, right now her favourite is a stuffed dinosaur. When it’s time to wind down she can be found on the couch cuddled up to her people or asking for belly rubs. She’d be a great fit for a family looking for their first dog, she’s a real well-rounded pup!