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Socks is an energetic 17 lb chihuahua mix with very foxy features!
He is a bit shy but he loves getting his ears scratched and his belly rubbed once he gets comfortable. Socks is very happy in his crate and will often have a quick power nap there in the middle of the day. He was great on his first night in there with the door closed with very minimal crying when the lights went out and then settled for the entire night.
He is a very very loving dog and will attach himself to you; he’ll just sit or lie down beside you while you go about your day. He knows how to sit and will sit very patiently as you put on his harness in preparation for his walks. Socks walks wonderfully on a leash; he is super curious and needs to sniff everything! He’s interested in other dogs while on his walks and likes to stand on his hind legs like a human to check them out. However, if he spots a squirrel while on his way, he’s driven to chase them. He is also fully house-trained and we are very proactive about taking him out for walks and bathroom breaks.
Socks is starting to understand toys  and he definitely has a preference for all things plush. He is so quiet as well – doesn’t bark at all. Socks is currently nervous around men and would do well in a female only home.

Socks is a amazing pup who, given the time to warm up to you, will steal your heart with his expressive brown eyes and sweet disposition.