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Smiley has been in rescue for almost a year. He survived Hurricane Harvey and then he was sent to us. We had a lot of interest but nothing panned out!

He’s great with other dogs, he’s active and loves swimming but he’s also a couch potato and always down to cuddle. He’s 35 lbs which is a great size for a condo or apartment, he is incredibly handsome and friendly.

He’s been with us since the winter and the more new dogs we get, the more he gets overlooked. He’s not good with cats so maybe that’s why? Surely someone with no cats wants an awesome dog!

He needs an active home, but only meaning someone who wants to go for long walks or to the dog park with him. Nothing intense like jogging (though he’d totally be down to join you). He’s incredibly charming and enchants everyone he meets! He’s a wonderful dog!