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Shane West is such a happy boy!

His tail is wagging non-stop! He loves to play with squeaky plush toys, balls and his foster brother. He responds very well to his name and is working on how to sit! He is still adjusting to the Canadian winter and is a bit timid outside in the cold but does great on leash! He’s not a big fan of ice and seeks out grass to walk on and do his business. He LOVES to be in your arms, whether it be while carried or while nestled in watching TV. He LOVES to show you affection and gives the best kisses! He will seek you out and poke his head under your desk just to rest it and give you kisses. He is just so sweet! He does very well in his crate- no whimpers during the night; just excitement in the morning when he sees you! He is super smart and he enjoys just laying down and hanging out when he is not playing. Shane West is super gentle too.