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Introducing the beautiful and charming September!

Seriously, check out those eyes! This one-year-old black Lab is full of puppy energy and excitement. She is still a bit cautious of her surrounding but with each passing day she seems more confident Now she’s sliding up to me on the couch for a little snuggle, I expect big-time cuddles soon! A typical Lab, she is lovely and courteous to all she meets. She really LOVES other dogs and people, and is a fabulous walker. September is smart gal who’s already responding to training, we expect great things from this little lady! Mostly, this gal loves to play, play, play — either with her many toys, or another pet in the house. She seems to love my cat and wants to play with him at every opportunity. She is a quiet girl who will happily go to her crate at bedtime, as long as she has had enough exercise to tucker her out.

September is such a fun, energetic girl who is already letting her walls down to show what a spectacular companion she’ll be, she’d make the perfect addition to an active family!