Scout is an extremely sweet and cuddly pup with the most amazing puppy dog eyes! From the moment we took Scout in, he has had an extremely warm and trusting nature; he’s always up for a good cuddle or play session. He loves to lie by your feet as you work, but prefers to cuddle up in your arms if you let him.
Scout is a great balance of cuddly and energetic; indoors he’s a total snuggle-bug  and outdoors he loves to run and play with other pups! He’s a smart little guy and is already house trained, responds to his name and knows how to sit! He’s working on his leash training and crate training but with some time and patience (and some good treats as incentive!) , he’ll be a pro!
Scout’s an awesome pup who would do well as a second dog seeing as he absolutely loves having a buddy to pal around with. He’s got a lot of love to share and is excited to jump into the next chapter of his life!