Meet Sadie! She’s the sweetest gal you’ll ever meet. She’s a dream to walk on leash, she’s great with other dogs as well as people. Sadie is a low energy dog so she needs one good walk per day in addition to letting her out to do her business. Speaking of business, she is also fully potty trained. She loves to sleep and to be pet. She hasn’t barked once since her arrival. She LOVES her belly rubs and just being around people. She’s not a fan of her crate, and she prefers to sleep on her dog bed. She’ll go straight to her bed to take a snooze or when she wants some alone time. She isn’t used to the loud sounds of the city yet and is still acclimating. She’s learning the basics and knows when to come and stay, and is learning how to sit as well (she much prefers to lay down instead!). Sadie is a fabulous dog and will give back the love you give to her tenfold!