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Ryker is super sweet lap dog that will snuggle and kiss you every time he can. He has a fashionable hair style: a modern messy look that goes great with his personality! He is a people dog, so he needs to be around them all the time. He will sleep with you every night, and follow you around the house. He is very curious about squirrels, cats and trash pandas and loves to chase them. He does not like loud noises, so cars and streetcars put him very nervous but he is starting to get used to them. He needs a window: his favorite hobby is to look at what is going on outside. His favorite toy is a squeaky toy that he likes to throw around and bring to you to play with him. He gets very excited when he gets to go on a walk. He starting to learn some tricks like “Sit” and “Up”. He has mixed feelings with other dogs. I have seen him super friendly with some, and not that friendly with others.
He is great with people and is a perfect companion! The sweetest dog ever that just needs someone to love him forever because he will love you back no matter what!