Rumer is by far the cuddliest girl I’ve ever met! She’s 100% an angel and just loves being with me. She’s spent a few hours at a time in her crate and can sleep in there with no problems with it in my room so she can see me. That being said, I also trust leaving her out of the crate now. Rumer is working on her house training and is making great progress so far. She walks excellently on leash and loves to explore! She’d make a great running buddy too, she runs beside me almost flawlessly! As she’s come out of her shell she’s become a big fan of fetch and loves to fetch sticks and balls. She greets other dogs politely and I’m sure as she continues to come out of her shell she’ll be playing with the best of them! Rumer is such a sweet young pup and at only 8 months old is making incredible progress with all of her training. She’s a real gem, whoever adopts her will be in for a real treat!