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Roy Orbison is a spunky little boy who’s had no problems acclimating to life in Toronto! He adores his people and loves to follow his foster parents around their apartment to see what they’re up to. He’s a total lovebug and appreciates any and all affection he can get. He’s especially fond of cuddling! He’s a curious pup and enjoys going out and exploring the city, soaking up all the new sights and smells. He walks well on leash and greets other dogs politely; he doesn’t pay them much mind at all and continues on with his walk. He’s currently working on his other basics such as crate training and house training. He gets bursts of puppy energy but is often quick to mellow out and curl up for a snooze. He’s a super handsome boy and knows it too: he checks himself out in every mirror and reflective surface we pass on our walks! . Roy Orbison would make an amazing companion for any family looking for a playful, loving dog.