Are you on the hunt for a new BFF who won’t leave your side? Look no further than Roxette! This little lady is slow to warm up, but once she’s comfortable with you, YOU ARE HER PERSON. She lives to hang out with her foster parents and will follow me around all day if I let her. She is not much of a lapdog and prefers to just lay down close-by during downtime (her current favourite place is under my couch).

At home she is low to medium energy. She loves a good walk in the morning and evening and she will walk for as long as you want to (I’ve taken her close to 3km and she didn’t complain at all). Those short little legs can move! She’s not a huge fan of the cold weather (coming from Texas, can you blame her?), but she’s managing as long as she has a jacket. She walks super well on her leash and stays right by your side. She does tend to be apprehensive of the people and loud noises associated with downtown life, but she’s slowly getting used to big city living. She has also been a-ok with the resident cat, as long as he doesn’t get into her food or bug her when she’s sleeping.

We’re working on her potty training and she’s halfway there. She is very food motivated so that will help move her training forward. She loves her crate as a safe space and sleeps through the night inside. During the daytime, she does not love being crated when her foster parents go out for an extended period of time. She is definitely a crate chewer so leaving her with a filled kong, or a chew toy is necessary.

Her ideal forever home will be patient when letting her warm up and will help her build her confidence. Once she comes out of her shell she is the sweetest little dog who just wants to be loved by her people!