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Meet Rogue, a lovely female Australian Cattle Dog mix,  and the daughter of Sophie. She is a total sweetheart! She is a bit timid when you first meet her, but warms quickly and just wants endless pets and attention. She’ll give you a little lick on the cheek and nudge your hand with her head if you try to stop.

She comes crate trained – her crate is totally her safe and cozy spot. She sleeps well in there overnight and seems perfectly happy to be in her crate during the day. We will be starting longer periods of her being alone (regular 9-5 work day with a walk at lunch) and it is looking very promising.

She is friendly with other dogs during walks. She hasn’t been cat tested yet. Vet says she is a few pounds overweight so we are keeping an eye on her meal portions and she is getting regular walks.

Rogue is a gentle and quiet girl, as we have yet to hear her bark or whine. She is still getting used to all of the city sounds, but she has been so brave during walks and has already taken a ride on the TTC bus. She responds well to reassurance and reminders that she is now in a safe place. We can’t wait to see her totally come out of her shell!