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Meet Rivers, the most handsome goofball with so much love to give!

At home Rivers is super chill and just wants to use your arm as a head rest while watching Netflix. Out in the world, he is playful and curious. He’s a kind soul who loves to meet new people and other dogs. A true gentleman, Rivers will lay down for any dog smaller than him for a proper meet and greet.

Rivers is fully crate trained and house trained, he loves going to his crate for bedtime and is fine to be crated during work hours too! He walks well on leash and is learning the cue “nevermind” to help refocus him when his satellite ears catch something interesting nearby.

This goof will try to fit all his toys in his mouth to bring to you – I guess you could say his fetch is still a work in progress based on the look on his face when you throw away his toys, why would you throw them when he’s just brought them to you? He LOVES cuddles and will nestle his head up to your chest for as long as he can (or as long as you have strength to hold his head up!)

Looking for a handsome chivalrous snuggle buddy? Rivers is your man!